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Hing3DBox with a D-Pad

    The client is a D-Pad player. He expressed a preference for a D-Pad over leverless directional buttons. The left side has undergone slight modifications to better suit left-handed use, with smoothed edges for enhanced comfort. The design incorporates a PS5 plastic D-Pad and micro switches.

    The initiation of this project sparked the development of the PadBox, which has undergone enhancements across all aspects. It now features more precise inputs using Omron switches, improved grip, and enhanced aesthetics.

    2 thoughts on “Hing3DBox with a D-Pad”

    1. i love the ideal here i am wanting to build something similar for my home use. is there anyway you can tell me where and how you get those thumbpads i have been looking all over the internet and cannot find anywhere to get one. i have tried disassembling a few controllers but they don’t work the way i had hoped. any info would be appreciated thanks!

      1. Hello! For this design we have used a ps5 d-pad. The buttons are some standard limit switches. We improved significantly the design for the padbox with the omron microswitches but we kept the same d-pad.

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